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Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Registration & Breakfast in Exhibition Hall

Chairpersons’ Opening Remarks

Keynote: Future Of Pharma

Presented by Tevogen Bio

Keynote: Raising Patient Awareness of Acute Kidney Injury to Stop a Silent Killer

Presented by Saghmos Therapeutics

Networking and Refreshments in Exhibition Hall

Keynote: Leveraging Brand Positioning Research Outputs To Outmaneuver Competition

Presented by Lifescience Dynamics

Boardroom Discussion: New Normal, No Problem: An Agile Approach to Market Research

Presented by AstraZeneca, Bayer, Bristol Myers Squibb, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Merck, and Pfizer


(Explore and capture the power of participants’ Insights and experiences and exploration of these topics in this fun and informal environment in small groups.)
How To Partner With Your Brand Teams Instead of Just Presenting Results

Presented by Boehringer Ingelheim

Are We Too Reliant on Intent to Prescribe?

Presented by Pfizer

How Market Research Can Inform Financial Forecasts

Presented by Teva

Market Research Findings to Senior Executives

Presented by SUN Pharma

Networking Luncheon

Solutions to Add to Your Toolbox


Better HCP Engagement Requires Dynamic Messaging

The biopharmaceutical industry is current re-evaluating and reimagining how best to engage with HCPs. This re-evaluation has been driven by the pandemic’s impact on access to HCPs, HCP preference and time constraint, as well as an increasing diversification of channels.

At the same time, research has shown that the industry has been seeing HCP push-back due to over-communication and in some cases, “spamming.” Based upon recent voice of customer research funded and conducted by ThinkGen researchers, Dr. Tom Hartley (Senior Vice President) and Noah Pines (CEO) will provide some insights into the drive towards more personalized, individualized and customized modes of HCP communication, with a focus on messaging. This talk is aimed at helping marketing researchers understand today’s current HCP engagement landscape, and to leverage Dynamic Messaging to tailor the message to HCP’s unique habits and communication profile preferences to help drive the success of the brand.

Presented by Thinkgen


Do You Believe What I Do Or What I Say? The Relentless Pursuit Of Accurate Demand Forecasts

We’ve all heard the old saw that the only thing we know for certain about forecasts is that they’re wrong. There is a grain of truth in that observation.

As market researchers and forecasters, a large part of our job is to understand the vagaries of the future market and find ways to bring more precision to estimating future share. The two main approaches to share estimation – global patient allocations, where we ask physicians for stated prescribing intent, and patient treatment scenarios, where we derive share from observing prescribing behavior – both have their advantages and disadvantages. In this session, we review results from several recent demand studies in which both methods were employed and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each. We will highlight a significant problem but often hidden challenge we uncovered with global allocations. Finally, we will outline concrete recommendations for improving the dependability of your demand studies.

Presented by AplusA Bell Falla and EMD Serono

Think Labs: Navigating Critical Challenges


Not Your Mother’s Market Research: Combining Innovative Technology With Human Expertise To Transform Qualitative Market Research

Some of the most advanced digital tools and methodologies used by Big Tech are revolutionizing market research for healthcare.

Current traditional approaches and tools used to understand the patient experience can leave gaps, preventing a marketing team from fully hearing their stakeholder’s voice. But thanks to a unique combination of innovative technology and human-powered analytics, you can blend head and heart to get at the core of what motivates patients to take better command of their health and wellness.

Through a case study, discover how a novel, agile automated voice-response methodology was employed that provided distinctive insights and actionable recommendations and drove measurable results for the brand. Truly hear the voices of your patients, precisely understand them, and expertly apply these learnings to optimize your marketing communications.

Presented by inVibe


Using Archetypes To Advance Our Understanding of the Psychology of Decision-Making

Over the past decade, healthcare marketing has shifted significantly in how they view customers, increasingly recognizing the non-rational side of decision-making.

In this talk, Fulcrum Research Group and Biofrontera will discuss how incorporating archetypes into market research can help marketing teams better understand the personalities and core motivations of their customers, allowing for promotional strategies and tactics better tailored to motivate action. We also discuss ongoing efforts to create a quantitative tool that would allow archetypes, which are typically evaluated via qualitative market research interviews, to be assessed quantitatively.

Presented by Fulcrum Research Group and Biofrontera


Tracking HCP Mindshare in an Omnichannel World

In recent years, in-person rep access to physicians has decreased significantly. However, ability to hold attention digitally has also declined as pharma continues to scale up outreach online.

These dual challenges create an environment where the certainty of personal interactions makes them all the more valuable and the impact of a targeted, integrated digital strategy all the more powerful.

Drawing on an analysis of the state of promotion over the last 2+ years, we’ll explore cohesive strategies for measuring and optimizing engagement with your target customers within a broader omnichannel model.

Presented by ZoomRx

Networking and Refreshments in Exhibition Hall

Unlocking the Puzzle


Moving Customer Insights Along the Maturity Model

Presented by Regeneron


Using Existing Secondary / Syndicated Data to Uncover Important New Insights: Case Study on Linked Rx-Dx Analyses

Presented by Jazz Pharmaceuticals


Adopting a Behavioral Science Way of Thinking

Presented by Regeneron

Discovery Center


Social Listening: Women’s Sexual Health and HIV Prevention

Presented by Lumanity and ViiV Healthcare


Does Big Data Methods Work On Small Data? Discovering Efficacy of Engagement Levers Inspired From Meta/Google & WhatsApp on Online Healthcare Communities

This session is intended for pharma, biotech and medical device stakeholders who can be benefited by

1. Understanding & improving the level of patient engagement with online healthcare communities
2. Uncover patient’s untold perceptions on diagnosis, treatment, brand perception and usage
3. Analyze patient’s reaction for social media listening on efficacy, side effects & treatment costs

Presented by Borderless Access


From Insights to Action: How & Why to Build Behavioral Science into Your Market Research Process

Behavioral science is no longer just an interesting nice-to-have – it’s become an essential foundation for your insights and marketing to keep up with the competition amidst this rapidly-changing landscape.

Presented by BVA Nudge Consulting

Perspectives from Pharma


The Pros and Cons of the Democratization of Insights

Many pharma companies these days have granted access to on-demand insights platforms to groups outside of the actual insights department.

This is causing quite a bit of confusion and concern, as these unsupported channels are producing research results that are often inaccurate, narrowly communicated (creating insights silos), and not in accordance with compliance policies and therefore a compliance risk. While many marketing, medical affairs and ad agencies love it because they can do quick tests on small items, the risk that it could grow to include more strategic items is definitely there and that it could impact the perceived value of the standing insights department, as well as lead to bad business decisions.

Presented by AstraZeneca, Bristol Myers Squibb, Medtronic, and Teva


How to Maximize Market Research and New Product Planning

Presented by Daiichi-Sankyo, Merck, Pfizer, and REGENXBIO

Networking Reception

Registration & Breakfast in Exhibition Hall

Engagement: High Level Debate and Discussion


Planning the Future: Neuromarketing Research Best Practices

Discuss best practices about research that involves collecting data via latest tech advances – e.g. use of reactions to virtual reality, biometric feedback, etc.

Presented by Abbvie, Balchem, Bayer, Merck, and Sun Pharma


Finding and Leveraging Synergies Between Qualitative Market Research and Quantitative Data and Analytics

Presented by Biogen, Bristol Myers Squibb, Organon, and Phreesia

Idea Labs: Gain New Insights


Mainstreaming Behavioral Science to Elevate Business Impact

With the massive disruption in healthcare over the past several years, gaining and maintaining a profound and deep understanding of our customers has never been more important.

The most forward-looking companies in the biopharma industry, such as BMS are taking the opportunity to elevate the market research function by incorporating multiple new modalities including behavioral science. Join Therese Glennon, global VP of Customer and Market Insights at BMS and Elys Roberts, Founder & CEO of BEESY for this engaging, case-study based presentation. You’re guaranteed to leave with practical nuggets on steps to take to increase the value of the market research function in your organization, plus how to apply rigorous behavioral science to enhance the value and impact of your insights.

Presented by Beesy and Bristol Myers Squibb


HCPs Are Human Too: Decoding the Truth Behind Prescribing Behavior

In today’s healthcare climate, prescribing physicians are operating under conditions that make considered, objective treatment decisions more difficult and complicated.

Clinical environments and the limitations of human psychology as well as the power of subtle social and systemic influences necessitates decision-making that relies on more intuitive, System 1 decision-making more than ever before.

In other words, healthcare professionals are human too, and just as susceptible to the same errors in judgment and decision-making as the rest of us.

As business professionals seeking to influence HCP behavior, it’s important that we come to terms with these realities and their impact. In this talk, we will focus on these forces and what you can do about them, including:

– The under-appreciated and little known factors that limit HCPs capacity to be objective
– The predominant influences that nudge physicians to prioritize certain options over others
– Ways you can foster more empathy and understanding for the complexity under which HCPs are making decisions
– Methods and approaches that can help you change ingrained HCP behavior

Presented by Brandtrust


Could You Imagine Our World If? - Commercial Applications for EHR Data

As detailed patient-level clinical information becomes more and more available in near real-time, launch tracking can now have a whole new perspective.

Dig deeper into clinical reasons for uptake or switching and understand what the physician is actually prescribing. Gain more insights into the physicians’ prescribing behaviors – are they making their decisions at the point of care or after hours? Understand in more clinical detail the patient segments. Access to a large EHR system opens up new possibilities for most more time-sensitive, efficient and effective insights and we need to be prepared to embrace them.

Presented by Cerner Enviza

Networking and Refreshments in Exhibition Hall


(Explore and capture the power of participants’ Insights and experiences and exploration of these topics in this fun and informal environment in small groups.)
Handling Difficult Conversations

Presented by Boehringer Ingelheim

Integration of Behavioral Science Insights in Market Research

Presented by Merck

Managing Market Research While Considering Ever Changing Technology

Presented by GlaxoSmithKline

Talent Retention And Attraction – How To Keep And Attract Good People In A Competitive Marketplace For Pharma Insight Talent

Presented by Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Understanding Physician Choice

Presented by Roche

Advancements and Innovations


Market Research and Agile Transformation in Generics

The generic pharma business has been beset by numerous challenges: consolidation of buyers, new market entrants and increased generic approvals and regulatory enforcement.

In addition to these external challenges, the market is still highly fragmented and competition is intense.

The C.I. and Market Research function can help with the transformation from traditional generics player to agile competitor.

Presented by Wockhardt USA


10 Years Later… Has Forecasting Launch Brands Really Changed?

Presented by Bristol Myers Squibb

Networking Luncheon

Raffle Prize Winner Announcements, Handing Out Prizes

Summary and Key Takeaways By Advisory Board Members

Presented by AstraZeneca, Bayer, Merck, and Pfizer

Conference Concludes