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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Thursday, October 28, 2021

Chairpersons’ Opening Remarks

Presented by Neurocrine Biosciences

Keynote: Unlocking the Full Potential of CRISPR Medicines

Less than a decade after demonstrating CRISPR's utility for programmable gene editing, clinical proof of concept has already been shown.

Indeed, current AAV and LNP ex vivo and systemic delivery methods are showing promise in hematopoietic, liver and ocular diseases. To expand therapeutic applications and patient access, Spotlight is reimagining CRISPR delivery by addressing engineered Cas protein to selected cell types in vivo. Dr. Janatpour will describe how this approach holds the key to unlocking the full potential of CRISPR medicines.

Presented by Spotlight Therapeutics

Keynote: Boardroom Discussion: Recent Market Research Lessons Learned: What Stays, What Goes

Presented by Abbott, Amgen, Gilead Sciences, Kala, and Neurocrine Biosciences

Keynote: Leveraging Patient Voice to Help Uncover Full Market Potential

Presented by Lifescience Dynamics

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How to Use Competitive Intelligence to Influence Decisions and Drive Impact

Presented by Ionis Pharmaceuticals

Unlocking the Hidden Patterns in Your Patient Treatment Data

Patient treatment data, whether from primary or secondary sources, can be an invaluable tool for your brand team, helping you monitor market performance and competitive threats.

What if you could unlock even more value from these data, deepening your market understanding, uncovering new brand opportunities, and even reducing your investment in primary research? By applying our Patient Discovery Suite of analytical solutions to recently collected patient charts showing symptom emergence in a progressive disease, we will show how these new insights and hidden patterns in symptomology are revealed. Our case study will highlight previously unseen connections regarding how the symptoms are related to each other, adding our understanding of how the underlying disease progresses and leading to actionable marketing and medical science recommendations.

Presented by AplusA Bell Falla

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Round Table: Using Market Research for Commercial Planning

Presented by Abbott

Managing Market Research While Factoring in Ever Changing Technology

Presented by 23andMe, Abbott Diabetes Care, Intuitive Surgical, Phreesia, and Scilex Pharmaceuticals


Chairperson’s Welcome and Recap of Day 1

Presented by Gilead

Novel Approaches to Engagement: Finding and Leveraging the Patient Voice

Join Gilead and Biovid for an invigorating discussion about tools for engagement with Market Research. This talk will not only cover novel approaches to recruiting in a digital world but will also focus on internal stakeholder engagement.

The team will discuss an innovative methodology that yielded unique insights from the population of interest. They will also highlight how they used technology to ensure the patient voice was heard and to navigate the challenge of translating these truly unique, and often unintuitive, insights to a broad group of stakeholders.

Presented by Gilead and Biovid

Round Table: Market Research Evolution over a Product’s Life

An interactive discussion on how market research must evolve over a product’s lifecycle to complement business need, business and commercial readiness and technical success. We will explore how market research should and can change in methodology, scope, and objective depending on a product’s stage.

Presented by BioMarin

The Role of Social Media Analytics in Healthcare

This paper is based on our proprietary social media analytics framework used to analyse patient/caregivers’ reactions, perceptions and sentiments for prescribed treatment.

The objective of social media analytics is to assist healthcare stakeholders to gain insights on patient perception and experience with
1. Brand: usage, side effects, dosage, efficacy, compliance, ease-of-use
2. Treatment: drivers for positive sentiments and negative sentiment

The theme of the paper is intended for: healthcare stakeholders who can be benefited by
1. Understanding patient/ caregivers’ sentiments for prescribed medication
2. Evaluating patient satisfaction to maximise patient acquisition and retention rates

We are using a real-time case study to highlight patient’s perceptions and insights generated from our proprietary social media analytics framework.
A global pharmaceutical and health care company wanted to evaluate patient preference and response for anti-diabetes drugs in the USA. The focus was to analyse social media posts from Type-2 Diabetes patients (T2DM) to gather insights on medication preference, side effects, dosage, efficacy, compliance, switch-in, switch-out and share-of-voice for top diabetes drugs.

Our approach included
1. Data Extraction from Social Media Universe (Twitter, medical blogs, patient communities etc)
2. Data Coding, Data Processing & Analysis
3. Storyboarding around clients’ KITs (Key Intelligence Topics) and KIQs (Key Intelligence Questions)

The insights generated from the Borderless Access solution helped client’s brand teams to get a full view of T2DM patients’ preferences. Most of the conversations for top diabetes brands were on side effects, dosage, efficacy, compliance, switch-in, switch-out. Post key learnings client’s brand team created T2DM patient communities to gather detailed insights on brand usage/perception and drivers for treatment.

Key Takeaways: Strategical use of social media analytics helps pharmaceutical companies in 4 ways
1. Understand patient’s opinions on competitors
2. Elevate your brand with key opinion leaders based on patient sentiments
3. Measure the effectiveness of brand communications
4. Find ideas for new content examples Newsjacking i.e. spot trending topics

Presented by Borderless Access

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Lunch Break and One-on-One Meetings

Avoiding Information Silos: How to Ensure Market Research is Integrated Throughout an Organization

Presented by Amgen, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Kala, Neurocrine Biosciences, and SeaGen

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Summary & Key Takeaways

Presented by Abbott, Amgen, Gilead Sciences, Kala, and Neurocrine Biosciences

One-on-One Meetings