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Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Thursday, July 21, 2022

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Chairpersons’ Opening Remarks

Keynote: The Patient-to-Consumer Shift

Presented by Oracle

Keynote: The Healthcare System Perspective – Marketing and Selling Into the System

Keynote: Turbocharging Strategic Market Research by Competitive Intelligence

To really understand the market dynamics well, one needs to understand the perspectives of customers, competitors, and collaborators.

While market research has been the primary means of gathering information of business insights teams, the fact remains that it is squarely focused on the “customers” piece of the equation, giving rise to some blind spots. Where competitive intelligence (CI) teams and vendors exist, they tend to operate in relative isolation from those handling market research for the same product or space. Through this talk, we attempt to explain when and how CI can be interwoven into market research to unlock a unique perspective of the market that is not only more comprehensive but also more forward-looking and actionable.

Presented by Lifescience Dynamics

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Initiative to Support a Unified View on Insights

Presented by Gilead and ZS Associates


Explore and capture the power of participants’ insights and experiences of these topics in this fun and informal environment.
Advancing Patient Centricity in Pharma Market Research

Presented by Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Melding Primary and Secondary Insights

Presented by Genentech

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Better HCP Engagement Requires Dynamic Messaging

The biopharmaceutical industry is current re-evaluating and reimagining how best to engage with HCPs. This reevaluation has been driven by the pandemic’s impact on access to HCPs, HCP preference and time constraint, as well as an increasing diversification of channels.

At the same time, research has shown that the industry has been seeing HCP push-back due to over-communication
and in some cases, “spamming.” Based upon recent voice of customer research funded and conducted by ThinkGen
researchers, Audrey Wu (VP) and Muhammad Asim (SVP) will provide some insights into the drive towards more personalized, individualized and customized modes of HCP communication, with a focus on messaging. This talk is aimed at helping marketing researchers understand today’s current HCP engagement landscape, and to leverage Dynamic Messaging to tailor the message to HCP’s unique habits and communication profile preferences to help drive the success of the brand.

Presented by ThinkGen

Experience First: How To Utilize Design Thinking To Turn Great Insights Into Exemplary User Experiences

Presented by Lumanity

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Why Everyone Hates Demand Studies

We’ve all been there – the team puts in the hard work on a demand study only to have to apply a whopping discount to shares so they resemble something approaching reality.

It’s no wonder why there’s so little trust in demand study outcomes among biopharma executives and brand leads. But what is driving the need to apply such large discounts? Is there a better way to design demand studies to control for sources of error that contribute to the need to discount? In this presentation, we will compare two common approaches to demand studies – global allocations and patient scenarios – and the potential sources of error that methodology selection can introduce. We will also discuss the benefits (and relatively limited drawbacks) of patient scenarios over global allocations.

Presented by AplusA Bell Falla

Measurement of Business Impact of Insights

Presented by 23andMe, Abbott, and BeiGene

Evening Socializing & Networking Reception

Registration & Networking Breakfast in Exhibition Hall

Continued Evolution of the Market Research Function in a Time of Change

Presented by Atara Bio, Phreesia, Teva, and UCB

HCPs Are Human Too: Decoding the Truth Behind Prescribing Behavior

In today’s healthcare climate, prescribing physicians are operating under conditions that make considered, objective treatment decisions more difficult and complicated.

Clinical environments and the limitations of human psychology as well as the power of subtle social and systemic influences necessitates decision-making that relies on more intuitive,
System 1 decision-making more than ever before.

In other words, healthcare professionals are human too, and just as susceptible to the same errors in judgment and decision-making as the rest of us. As business professionals seeking to influence HCP behavior, it’s important that we come to terms with these realities and their impact. In this talk, we will focus on these forces and what you can do about them, including:
– The under-appreciated and little known factors that limit HCPs capacity to be objective
– The predominant influences that nudge physicians to prioritize certain options over others
– Ways you can foster more empathy and understanding for the complexity under which HCPs are making decisions
– Methods and approaches that can help you change ingrained HCP behavior

Presented by Brandtrust

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Divergent Insights: How to Reframe Your Approach When Insights are Unexpected

At the beginning of a research engagement the stakes are high—an investment is made, the strategic need is defined, stakeholders express great expectations, and the hypotheses are defined.

But what happens when those hypotheses don’t align with the insights actually uncovered? Join this session to learn how Genentech overcame these obstacles and merged insights from two independent qualitative research projects with two separate partners across two different audiences—patients and physicians—to overcome a divergent emotional hook and reframe their position and approach in a highly emotive and high-stakes disease.

Presented by Genentech


Explore and capture the power of participants’ insights and experiences of these topics in this fun and informal environment.
Making ATUs More Strategic

Presented by Teva Pharmaceuticals

Patient Journeys

Presented by Genentech

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A Look Forward: Summary & Key Takeaways

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