June 12-13, 2024 Bay Area Pharma Market Research Conference Agenda is coming soon

Tuesday, June 13, 2023
Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Registration & Continental Breakfast in Exhibition Hall

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Presented by Genentech

Keynote: Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Biotechnology and Pharma: Key Market Trends to Watch

The field of biotechnology is rapidly advancing and is poised for significant growth in the coming years. Recent advances in gene editing, personalized medicine, synthetic biology, biologics, and artificial intelligence are a few of market drivers. In this talk we will cover market insights for BioPharma growth, discuss market trends and innovations that are leading the way.

Keynote: The Three “I”s: Ideas, Inventions, and Innovation; Does the West Coast still Lead the Way?

Innovation as more broadly defined. What is it? Ideas vs inventions vs innovation. Innovation as a cultural shift. Examples of cycles of innovation in biotech: monoclonal antibodies, gene therapy, cell therapy. Use cell therapy as an example. Why does innovation happen in waves? How did the innovation process evolve? What is its current state and where is it going?

Presented by Hepatx Corporation

Networking & Refreshments in Exhibition Hall

Keynote: HCP Market Research: Re-engineered

Like most things, the business of HCP market research has not escaped the impacts of the COVID pandemic. Of course, there is more reliance on virtual research methods post pandemic but that is just a surface-level change. We attempt to go deeper and find out from HCPs directly how they view participation in market research now and how can market researchers adapt to ensure they are getting the maximum value from their projects.

Presented by Lifescience Dynamics

“Ask the Experts” Interactive Roundtables

(Explore and capture the power of participants’ Insights and experiences and exploration of these topics in this fun and informal environment in small groups.)
Health Equity + Designing Pharma Research of the Future

The year is 2040 and you are an advisor on the Pharma Market Research Board. The importance of culturally competent health insights has always been a priority but it is now imperative to creating successful business strategies and designing solutions that reduce health disparities and improve the quality of care for patients.

Patient populations are dramatically different than they were just 15 years ago and it’s this group’s responsibility to establish the foundational pillars of how health equity is incorporated in all research, branding and strategy across the globe.

Join this interactive and engaging round table as we look to the future and put our ideas together to create the path for all organizations to incorporate greater inclusivity and diversity in their medical and advocacy efforts and examine our responsibility to accurately reflect the diversity of patients in every step of market research.

In this session, we will:
• Determine how we might adjust our research practices to be more inclusive
• Establish best practices for research outreach to ensure diverse patient audiences.
• Define ways to embed health equity research into patient journeys and marketing strategies.

Presented by Genentech

How to Partner with Your Brand Teams Instead of Just Presenting to Them

Presented by Gilead

Networking Luncheon


Your Brand Plan is Missing a Behavioral Pillar: Habit Lens Insights

In this presentation, we will present the drivers of habitual behavior that prevent new therapeutic options from reaching patients – and what marketing insights professionals can do to activate change.

Presented by Myovant Sciences and ThinkGen


Demand Thinking™ 101

If you step back and think about it, nearly every market research project at its essence is a demand study.

Whether you are optimizing messaging, informing clinical trial design, or mapping out the buying process, the outcomes are focused on the impact of various brand and clinical decisions on likely prescribing behavior – otherwise known as product demand.

But do we really treat each market research opportunity as an input to the next forecast? If you’re like most organizations, you put the focus on one major demand study to do all of the heavy lifting. What if there were a different way?

To wit, we introduce Demand Thinking™, an approach to research planning and design that can leverage the power of multiple market research projects to feed data points to your forecasting team throughout the program year. In this presentation, we will introduce the core concepts of Demand Thinking™ and provide examples of how you can introduce Demand Thinking™ elements into commonplace studies to fuel your brand forecast all year long.

Presented by APLUSA


Consumer Trust in the Healthcare Space

While we all agree that trust is an integral part of healthcare, do you know how your industry/category/brand ranks and what to do about it?

We’ll explore these and other issues:
• How has consumer trust changed over the past few years?
• What are the key components of trust?
• What can we do to improve consumer trust in your healthcare brand?

Presented by 23andMe


The Unseen Story: Unraveling the "Why" Behind Data for Deeper Insights in a Digital World

As in-person qualitative research gives way to phone interviews and remote collaboration, business leaders may be concerned about losing valuable insights. It's essential for brands to adapt to this new digital landscape without compromising the depth and quality of their research.

Join Regeneron as they share their journey of adopting a narrative-based approach to uncover the elusive “why” behind data, enabling them to better understand the motivations and challenges faced by cancer patients. Despite a remote-first environment, the team was able to delve into patients’ intimate experiences with their disease, physicians, and treatment, leading to transformative insights for both patients’ lives and Regeneron’s key brands.

In this session, you will learn about:
• Techniques to maintain engagement and illumination in research and readout processes
• Strategies for uncovering the “why” behind the data
• The power of story-based research methodologies grounded in lived experiences to transcend remote barriers

Presented by Regeneron


Designing Research for Sensitive Patient Populations

In any kind of consumer research, the key to getting the best possible results is to design the research around the subjects’ particular needs and perspectives. This is especially true of medical consumer research, which often deals with sensitive patient populations. From screening and recruiting to execution, we’ll share best practices for designing research centered on sensitive populations to gather reliable, real-world insights that inform strategic decisions.

Presented by HawkPartners and Pfizer


Product Design: The Silicon Valley Way

We will discuss how market research can inform and help guide clinical and scientific teams to develop treatments that customers want. With customer lead approaches, science can be applied to clinical and practical considerations. Changing a paradigm starts with the customer - meeting their real world needs and expectations is the first step in transformative developments.

Presented by Veritas est

Networking & Refreshments in Exhibition Hall

“Ask the Experts” Interactive Roundtables

(Explore and capture the power of participants’ Insights and experiences and exploration of these topics in this fun and informal environment in small groups.)
Market Research Preparation for the Launch of a Biosimilar

Presented by Teva Pharmaceuticals

Advancing Integrated Insights Across the Organization

Presented by BeiGene

Convergence of Primary and Secondary Research

Presented by Amgen, Gilead, and Regenxbio

Cocktail Reception

Registration & Continental Breakfast in Exhibition Hall


The Doctor:Patient Relationship: the Role of Personalization and Genetics

Presented by 23andMe


Your Brand and the Consumer: Navigating Brand Health Tracking Dynamics around the World

As researchers, collecting evidence of brand health performance is critical. But big, global quantitative brand trackers can be complex and outdated. Learn how you can track brand health for your business with agility and impact by asking the right questions, going slow to go fast, and avoiding black boxes.

Presented by Align Technology


The Human Truth of Mental Health: How Narrative-based Research Tools Revealed Strategic Opportunities Within the Complex Topic of Mental Health

Mental health awareness efforts and evolving portrayals in mainstream media have greatly reduced stigma for those experiencing a variety of mental health conditions, but misunderstandings around mental illnesses persist.

Join Brandtrust to learn how they leveraged Narrative Inquiry – a proprietary narrative-based qualquant methodology – and strategic sample blending to go deeper on this complex topic and reveal actionable insights
that have the potential to dramatically reframe how we think about, and treat, mental health issues.
In this session, you will learn about:
• How pairing agile narrative-based qual-quant research methodologies with strategic sample blending can provide deeper, more actionable strategic insights
• How the general public thinks and feels about mental health today, in their own words
• The keys to building, repairing and supporting mental wellness, including barriers and nuances specific to gender associations

Presented by Brandtrust


How to Generate Rich, Contextual, Real-World Insights Using Digital Ethnography

Digital ethnography offers a practical and non-intrusive alternative to in-person observation.

By leveraging the power of the smartphone, it enables researchers to walk a mile in the shoes of the customer, both patients and physicians. It allows pharma to gain an understanding of the healthcare journey from their perspectives, as told by them, by documenting what really matters and how their experiences affect their daily lives and decision-making.

In this presentation, Research Partnership will explain how digital ethnography goes beyond traditional qualitative methods to explore the ‘unknowns’ and the ‘known unknowns’ using behavioral science principles. In addition, they will explore the potential opportunities for digital ethnography research in healthcare and share a range of case studies addressing a number of different objectives, including an award-winning project conducted with head and neck cancer patients.

Presented by Research Partnership

Networking & Refreshments in Exhibition Hall

“Ask the Experts” Interactive Roundtables

(Explore and capture the power of participants’ Insights and experiences and exploration of these topics in this fun and informal environment in small groups.)
The Myth of the Data Driven Doctor and the Power of Habit

Presented by Day One

Partnering Across Functions to Develop Strategies for Speeding Up Drug Development and Manufacturing

Presented by Takara Bio

When Research Goes Wrong

Presented by BioMarin, Gilead, Medtronic and Teva Pharmaceuticals

Networking Luncheon

Announcement of Raffle Prize Winners

Keynote: Power of Generative AI in Market Research

In the Healthcare Industry, Market Research is critical to understanding unmet patient needs, clinical needs, and product market fit. Pharma, MedTech and BioTech companies spend millions each year on Market Research.

The current trends of personalized medicine and care however are putting an increased pressure of timelines and budgets for healthcare companies. On the other side there is an immense amount of data that is already available from longitudinal studies, patient reported outcomes and advocacy group findings that are not being leveraged enough in Market Research. Generative AI has the power to bridge this gap and create value by leveraging huge data banks to create realistic and dependable patient personas that can give market research a head start, along with cost efficiency without compromising outcomes.

Presented by Efficient Capital Labs and Socialtrait

Keynote: Where There is a Will, There is a Way: Two Parents’ Search for Treatment for their Child’s Rare Disease

When their newborn was diagnosed with the rare disease, achondroplasia, these parents had to look up this medical condition because they were encountering it for the first time in their lives.

Meeting with a challenging medical diagnosis was hard, but not having an available treatment served a crushing blow to their hopes and aspirations for their child.

Following the adage, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ they embarked on a life-changing journey that consisted of finding treatment, drug trial participation and, ultimately, founding a non-profit that embraced patient education and advocacy, and partnerships with pharmaceutical companies.

In this presentation they will share major milestones of their journey, remind pharmaceuticals of the ‘why’ of their work, and propose models that can help seed-fund academic research that can accelerate and reduce costs of new therapies.

A Look Forward: Summary & Key Takeaways

Presented by Gilead

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