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Tuesday, 16 April, 2024
Wednesday, 17 April, 2024
Thursday, 18 April, 2024

Registration & Welcome Coffee in Exhibition Hall

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Presented by Boehringer Ingelheim and Novartis Pharma AG

Keynote: Convergence of the Newest, State-of-the-Art AI and Longevity R&D

Presented by Rejuve.Bio

Keynote: Innovation Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Presented by Janssen

Networking and Refreshments in Exhibition Hall

Will Generative AI Change how we do Qualitative Market Research?

With the dust settling on the hype surrounding generative AI, it is time to take a look at the possibilities it has opened up for the field of market research. In this talk we take a look at what large language model based AI is able to offer marker researchers and where the natural evolution of the existing AI technologies could one day lead to.

Presented by Lifescience Dynamics

Accelerating Patient Engagement With Online Healthcare Communities

This session is intended for pharma, biotech and medical device stakeholders. Attendees will gain valuable insights into leveraging online communities as powerful tools to enhance communication, empower patients, and forge stronger connections for participating patients.

The session will not only underscore the current impact of online health communities but also provide a forward-looking perspective on their potential to shape the future of patient centered care.
Participating audience can get a detailed view on strategic use of online patient community is for real-time intelligence which helps decision makers in 3 ways:
• Explore the ways in which online patient communities contribute to empowering individuals in managing their health conditions
• Foster a platform for the exchange of insights, experiences, and best practices among healthcare professionals, researchers, and community advocates.
• Emphasize the importance of patient-centered approaches within online communities, ensuring that the needs and perspectives of patients remain at the forefront.

Presented by Borderless Access

When You Can’t See the Forest for the Trees – Demand Research and Forecasting in Markets with Crowded Pipelines

Presented by Viscadia

Networking Luncheon

Tell Me What You Want What You Really, Really Want… What Business Leadership Really Wants from the Insights Function

Presented by UCB Biopharma SRL

Data and Insights Integration

Presented by Boehringer Ingelheim

Networking and Refreshments in Exhibition Hall

Strategic Drug Management Model: Reimagining Medication Adherence in Chronic Disease

Presented by the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim (DHBW)

Beyond Market Research – Led by Data! Insights as a Catalyzer for Value Creation Throughout the Business

Presented by Alexion

Unleashing the power of social media listening to obtain market and brand insights

In this talk we explore the transformative impact of social media on the pharmaceutical sector. Learn how competitive intelligence and market research can harness the potential of social media to identify trends, engage with influencers, and navigate the dynamic landscape of the industry. Discover how to stay ahead in the competitive pharmaceutical market with strategic insights and actionable data obtained from active and passive social media listening.

Presented by Lifescience Dynamics

Cocktail Reception and Networking

Registration & Welcome Coffee in Exhibition Hall

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Presented by Boehringer Ingelheim and Novartis Pharma AG

Partnering of Corporates with Digital Health Startups – Dos and Don’ts

Presented by Haleon, Janssen, R2G, and Smart Patient

Networking and Refreshments in Exhibition Hall

From Insights to Impact: Revolutionizing Business Partnerships through Integrated Data Strategies

Presented by Bristol Myers Squibb

Enhancing Pharmaceutical Sales and Pricing: Leveraging Neuroscience and AI

We discuss innovative approaches in pharmaceutical market research by integrating neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

The presentation comprises two pivotal projects. The first utilizes AI-enhanced fMRI analysis to refine the pharmaceutical representative’s sales journey, providing deeper insights into physician behaviors and decisions. The second employs NeuroPricing™ Online, a reaction time-based method, to determine optimal pricing for an OTC drug. An advanced econometric AI model extended the findings from three initial countries to ten additional markets, demonstrating the potential of these combined techniques in global market analysis.

Presented by Roche and Furtwangen University

Networking Luncheon

“Ask the Experts” Interactive Round Tables

(Explore and capture the power of participants’ Insights and experiences and exploration of these topics in this fun and informal environment in small groups.)
The Application of AI in Pharma Market Research

Presented by Boehringer Ingelheim

What is the Right Place for CI in the Pharma Organization?

Presented by Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A.

Macro Trends in Pharma and Biotech

Presented by Pfizer

“Ask the Experts” Interactive Round Tables

(Explore and capture the power of participants’ Insights and experiences and exploration of these topics in this fun and informal environment in small groups.)
Data Analysis and Forecasting

Presented by Pfizer

From Local to Global and Vice-Versa: Managing Interests, Threats and Insights

Presented by Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A.

Knowledge Management in CI
• Emphasize and discuss how knowledge management fosters innovation by creating a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration among teams. • Highlight the role of knowledge management tools and platforms in facilitating cross-functional collaboration for CI activities.

Presented by Boehringer Ingelheim

Announcement of Stamp Card & Raffle Prize Winners

CI and KM in the next world

Collaborative Intelligence, transmission, decision support and innovation, culture of continuous learning... In an environment in perpetual transformation, Competitive Intelligence and knowledge management is more than ever a strategic asset.

But exactly what challenges does CI and KM have to overcome in a changing our industry? How can we capitalize on experience and skills when the hybridization of work, the “great resignation” and turnover disperse the CI channels and weaken the transmission of knowledge internally?

If the tools are there, they are sometimes too numerous or poorly used. As Servier has just begun the reengineering of its CI&KM organization, we can walk the attendance through some key learnings coming from this transformation journey and how to navigate avoiding the mermaids of new technologies!

Presented by Servier

The Life and Times of Pharma CI

Closing Remarks from Chairpersons

Presented by Boehringer Ingelheim and Novartis Pharma AG

Registration and Welcome Coffee

Synthesizing Primary Research Into Actionable Insights and Presentations

When it comes to gaining valuable insights from primary research, the challenge lies in synthesizing research data and drawing actionable insights to achieve your research objectives. The Molekule team will highlight the key considerations in designing primary research projects, synthesizing actionable insights from collected data, and articulating key findings into impactful and strategic presentations leading to a shared understanding.

Presented by Molekule Consulting

Coffee Break

KITting and KIQing: The nuts, bolts, and tools that make the CI machine run

Learn the art and science behind crafting intelligent questions to uncover the competitive insights your business needs to stay ahead. In this hands-on exercise you’ll design questions and solve problems for a fictional company. This interactive workshop focuses on question methodology that cuts through noise to get quality answers out of your intelligence projects.

Presented by Lifescience Dynamics

Networking Lunch

Developing a Competitive Activity Framework to Enhance Organizational Competitiveness

This workshop session will give participants first-hand insights from a combined 30+ years of experience in delivering strategic and tactical workshop-style solutions, using an optimal blend of established CI frameworks alongside INOVIS’ proprietary methodologies.

Key to this session will be addressing business needs across the lifecycle, whereby participants will:
• Develop an in-depth understanding of how a diverse range of facilitated activities (Rapid Immersion, Threat Assessment and Competitor Simulations) can help deliver strategic and competitive insights within an organization
• Appreciate the importance of leveraging the outcomes of workshops to inform and direct decision making
• Receive hands-on opportunities to apply learnings to a pharma case-study in a learning environment
Using business case studies, real-life experiences and validated theory, the INOVIS team will equip you with a number of go-to techniques that can be rapidly integrated into ongoing CI Practice, whether you’re a seasoned CI professional veteran, or newer to the field.

Presented by INOVIS

Coffee Break

Building a Winning Strategy: Turning Insights into Actions

A prescription drug that surpasses $1 billion in sales is known as a blockbuster. It's a rare feat, but when a pharmaceutical company finds a true blockbuster drug they usually have a robust competitive readiness program in place.

Blockbuster Competitive Intelligence is a new framework that almost nobody knows. This framework maximizes the potential of a drug and increases the impact that you can have with competitive intelligence.

So, what is it and how can you leverage it?

Blockbuster Competitive Intelligence outlines how Competitive Intelligence is used to develop, launch, and commercialize a blockbuster drug (or a drug that is critical to the success of the organization).

Over the past two decades, we have worked with multiple blockbusters and potential blockbuster products. We have experimented and innovated successful approaches while working at Roche, and Novartis. With Atacana we continue to innovate and support the majority of the top 10 pharma companies helping their blockbuster competitive intelligence strategies.

In this interactive workshop, we will share with you our Blockbuster Competitive Intelligence framework and learn from other participants what it takes to develop a winning strategy.

Our goal is to help you maximize the potential of your product and your potential for your next career move!

Presented by Atacana Group

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